Who is the CloudTutorial for?

The CloudTutorial app is for individual entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses. It is for the businesses where you find a need to have a database of knowledge and frequently asked questions that will:

  1. Help your customers to take more control over “know how” of the product, service, software they are using without constantly depending on customer support
  2. For businesses that want to reduce the number of tickets raised by your customers reducing the inconvenience caused to the customers who wait for you to reply.
  3. Businesses, schools, universities, companies, and other organizations and institutions who want to have a “one central knowledge base and/or training material” for all onboarding


Use case 1:

You are an entrepreneur with two or more mobile/web applications live on app stores. You need to manage and address all customer questions which come up on your email and which are mostly repetitive that can be solved by just one email templet. You still need to spend time in replying to emails.


The CloudTutorial gives you an option to address all the common and frequently asked questions, queries, and more.

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